Podcasts I Make My Teens Listen To

cell phones podcasts teens Jan 15, 2020

I make my kids listen to 4 podcasts a month as their cell phone "payment". It's simple, $35 or 4 podcasts? They choose podcasts every time. 

Here's the trick: I get to choose which podcasts. Some are long, some are short, some are light, some are heavy. 

You'll notice they often come from the same shows - I love most things from NPR, lots of Oprah Super Soul, loads of TED talks. 

The rule for cell phones in our house is 8th grade / 14 Years Old. That means as I started assigning podcasts to my two teenagers that they were at least 14 years old.  Some of these topics might seem to be above their "pay grade" but I'm OK with that. I'll let them reach a little on some of it. 

We talk about the episodes. Sometimes I require notes (sometimes I don't). 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS: This means you should listen to these podcasts too! 

My general hope is that I'll raise kids who think deeply, who are curious, who can ask questions, who can be interested in a...

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'Gaming Disorder' Gets Classified as Mental Health Disease

The World Health Organization has added "gaming disorder" to the official list of diseases for 2018. Gaming has officially been added to the list of other problematic behaviors such as gambling and substance abuse.

"Gaming Disorder" is classified as the inability to control when and how often to play video games, despite clear negative consequences.

Because gaming disorder has been added to the World Health Organization's list of diseases, it will be recognized in 2018 by doctors and insurance companies.

Definition Of Gaming Disorder

The draft's language outlines that there are 3 characteristics that qualify gaming behavior as a disorder:

  • Impaired control over gaming (e.g. frequency, intensity, duration, termination)
  • If the individual starts to prioritize gaming over many other life interests and daily activities
  • If they continue playing despite clear negative consequences

"The behavior pattern is of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in...

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If Jeff Bezos Doesn't Have Digital Privacy, Neither Do You (or Your Kids)

Repeat after me: Nothing We Do With Digital Technology is Private! (Especially with regard to your privates)

Think about this. Jeff Bezos, the richest man ON THE PLANET EARTH. He has the money, the means, the security, the tech-savvy background -- everything you might think one needs to keep his digital footprint private. 

But even the most private parts of Jeff Bezos ARE NOT PRIVATE anymore. Unless you've been hiding under a rock - you know about Jeff's nude photos (and the further implications with regard to his marriage). He claims he is being blackmailed and extorted by the National Enquirer (which I tend to believe).  If you Google "Jeff Bezos" you'll find headline after headline bringing sharp focus to Jeff Bezos and his nudes.

This post isn't about the morality or the rightness or wrongness about taking naked pics of yourself and sending them to people. This post is about the fact that PRIVACY DOES NOT EXIST in digital life. 

Not for you, not for your kids, and...

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