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As the mother of 3 kids, technology habits and “screen time” have always been on my radar. Now that my older two are teenagers, I’m staring at these issues square in the face every single day. I feel the weight of the responsibility and opportunity I have to influence my children—to educate them, to help them develop life skills, and hopefully send them into the world as functional human beings.

I’m Not Willing to Be an Experiment

When my oldest son was in the 5th grade, he wanted an iPod Touch. I was hesitant. I made him wait. We debated what the rules should be and if he should even have a device like that at such a young age. I’ve always been really honest and upfront with my kids about what my concerns are and why. As I talked to him about my perspective, I’ll never forget when he looked back at me and said: “We’re just a big experiment, aren’t we? No one knows what this will do to us and our brains until I’m old enough to have my own kids.”

Yikes. I’m not willing to let my children be an experiment. Furthermore, I’m done being an experiment myself. I’ve worked online and in social media since it was born, madly adapting to every change in algorithm, trend, and platform. I’m tired. I want my life back. And I don’t think I’m alone. 

If you are like me in wanting something better for you and your family’s minds, bodies, and relationships join me and my family in resetting our relationships with technology. 

Keep in mind, we aren’t here to banish your technology use altogether. We just think it’s time that technology did what it’s supposed to do: make our lives BETTER, not worse.

Put Technology In Its Place

The Tech Reset Project is about putting technology in its place, with us comfortably in the driver’s seat. Will it be a utility to save you time and allow you to engage more fully with the people in your world? Or will it be an all-consuming distraction, keeping you from what’s most important in this life? It’s time for every one of us to make a conscious choice and then take action. 

THE GOAL: To use technology at the right times, in the right places, for the right reasons. 

This will always be a daily practice. It will mean continual adaptation and reevaluation. If you are looking for a “set it and forget it” solution, you've come to the wrong place. Creating healthy tech habits means carefully building an environment that fosters the kind of habits we want for ourselves and our families. Maintaining those habits requires a conscious and consistent effort.

Our Gift To You

Our gift to you? Time. 

What we hear from people who have done the Tech Reset Project is that they have more time. That means more time in the real world. More time with your family. And more time building stronger connections with everyone around you. 

By building better mental, physical, and digital environments, you are setting the stage for success. 

So let’s get to it.

Join us in resetting your relationship with technology!

- Rachael Herrscher

Founder, Tech Reset Project


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About Rachael Herrscher

Rachael Herrscher is the founder of The Tech Reset Project, an initiative focused on improving our habits and relationships with technology.

Rachael is also the founder of TodaysMama.com, an online gathering place serving mothers and parents since 2004. 

Rachael has spent over 15 years working online—helping both businesses and readers navigate the ever-changing social media landscape.  

Rachael is passionate about living a present life—where family social media interactions and tech usage is thoughtfully and carefully managed—by building habits that help build connection within our families and communities.


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